Sunday, January 6, 2008

Food for thought

Did you know that it is concidered homicide in at least 33 states to be the cause of death to an unborn fetus? The only exception is if a person doing the killing is a doctor and a mother says it is okay. Isn't this a double standard in the law of the land? It either is a life, or it is not a life, it cannot be both.

Also, I was wondering why there is all this uproar about keeping abortion legal in cases of rape or incest. Is a fetus any less human when concieved by rape than it would be otherwise? A consistent "Pro-life" view would consider this out of the question. Two wrongs do not make a right. A rape does not justify the murder of an innocent.

And finally, think about the phrase "pro-choice". Shouldn't we be asking what is being chosen? Do women have a right to choose to murder a baby? Don't they have the opportunity to choose to keep their legs closed? Where does personal responsibility begin for these people? Is it right to continue to allow this activity when we know that fetal development occurs so early, that fetuses can feel pain, and that there are significant physical and psychological risks to the "mothers"? Other than the abortion doctors, special interest groups, and crooked vote-selling politicians and judges, Who ultimately wins? It surely is not the grief-stricken "mother" or the murdered baby.

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