Sunday, January 6, 2008

Nature/ Nurture Hypocrisy

Why is it that sociologists and psychologists are so quick to say that sexual preference is nature for a homosexual but nurture for a pedophile? Isn't this a contradictory belief? The problem is that you cannot have it both ways. Either we are all born with our sexual preferences or we all choose our preferences. So if homosexuals are born that way, then so are pedophiles. If we grant the "nature" premise (which I do not) for the sake of argument, then the issue becomes whether being born with certain sexual desires makes it okay to act on these urges. If a person says yes, then they must be saying yes to pedophiles as well to be consistent. However, no one would say this is normative or okay, therefore something more must be established in this debate, something other than whether or not homosexuals are born that way. The debate begs the question, "Is it good for society as a whole?" Obviously the answer for pedophilia is a no. But what about homosexuality? Here is a quick fact; The average lifespan of a homosexual is 48, more than 30 years less than the heterosexual average. Obviously, 30 years less of life per person is not good for society as a whole. Even if this was a natural tendancy, that doesn't make it beneficial or right. The thing is, there is no evidence to even prove that much. Some theories (which are not by any means proven) point to a smallar amagdala in the brains of homosexuals.

This however would only show that ones mental capabilities are slightly retarded and that their actions should be questioned, not blindly accepted. Others make claims of a "gay gene" (which also is not close to being proven), and even if it was, it doesn't follow that a genetic deficiency makes an action okay. One of the most common arguments comes from people who "have a gay friend" who say; "I wouldn't choose this lifestyle if I had a choice". This is silly, personal opinion doesn't prove truth. These statements show nothing more than immaturity. How many of us have scolded a child for an inappropriate action and have recieved this same type of response, "I cant help it!". What if I think that I was born to bash gays heads in, would that make it okay? Of course not. Next time someone makes a claim that people are born gay, challenge their thinking, in the end it doesn't hold any evidence, and even if it did, that does not make it okay to act on. People need to start thinking for themselves and quit buying into this agenda-driven garbage spewing out from our professors and political commentators. Sexual preferences always have been, and always will be a choice.

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