Sunday, January 6, 2008

Irony, Oh Irony!

This blog is a step away from the norm. I am not making an argument and I am not going to respond to comments. I just want to make an observation.

As a Christian I have submitted my life to the study of God. I have made a conscious effort to dedicate my life to him. I gladly admit to the idea that God has control over my life.

But my point here is not really about my life. I am only using it as a lead in. It seems to me that most Christians, including myself, are totally outdone in the ammount of control we allow God to have over our lives. Thats right. I have observed that the more millitant of the MySpace atheists seem to have allowed the concept of God to have ultimate control in their lives, at least in their Myspace lives. They seem to be controlled both intellectually and emotionally. So Christians out there, what do we have to say for ourselves. LOL.

Don't believe me, spend some time viewing the pages of the people in the atheistic MySpace groups.

Pretty ironic.

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