Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Source of America's Demise

Last night, I was lying in bed thinking about the cultural decline that America has experienced over the past 4 decades and pondering its source. I came to the conclusion that feminism has created more damage to this country than any other movement since the institution of slavery. Now, let me be clear; by feminism I do not mean women's rights. I view women as equal to men in every aspect, I love my wife with all my heart, and I believe women are capable of doing any reasonable thing that a man can do. My contention is that it is self-evident that men and women each are respectively equipped to fulfill certain roles, not because of superiority, but because of natural disposition.With that disclaimer, I'll now proceed with my insights on why feminism is on the verge of destroying America.

Feminism has destroyed the union progress

As a conservative, I am no huge fan of the non-fiscal presence of Unions. They are authoritarian, greedy, and vindictive, much like the management that they rally against. However, the early unions did some things that were right; they fought for fair wages and hours, and they were very successful. The functional problem with unions is that they only work when there is a low supply of available labor. The feminist movement has flooded the labor market, overwhelimingly shifting supply and demand towards the employer. When that happens, everyone becomes dispensible, as others are knocking on the door looking for a job. Pay rates and health care become stagnant, and long hours the norm.

Feminism has caused the cost of living to rise significantly

When families began operating on two incomes, they unknowingly were trying to take something that they couldn't give back. Many had to buy second cars, which require extra gas, maintenance, and insurance. It became harder to prepare meals at home, leading to rising cost of feeding a family (by eating out). Child care became a neccesary provision. Buisness atire, equipment, etc. . . became expenses. All the while, wages were not set to increase as mentioned above, because the labor market was overfilled. These families had fell onto a slippery slope that required them to continue a dual-income household even without a true financial benefit.

Feminism has distrupted the family relationships

It is no secret that a mother who is present is more affective than one who is not. The nurturing qualities that a mother has for her own children are unmatched by any sitter (or father for that matter.) I have had the opportunity to watch the development of kids who grew up in all situations, and the ones who have stable stay-at-home moms are the happiest and most well-behaved. Feminism also has a negative impact on husbands. Men are wired in a such a way that they desire to provide for their own. By stripping them of that ability, you strip them of their purpose. Without a meaningful purpose, they find something else to do, whether it be sports, hunting, fishing, etc. . . I do not agree with this reaction, but it is what it is.

Feminism also affects the family unit

Because of the factors above, it is hard to develop a family closeness. When two people come home from work, you have double the stress, agitation, and tiredness than was had before. This leads to petty bickering, resentfulness, and anger. The men often retreat spinelessly as the women storm off and get bad advice from other feminists on the phone. All the while the kids look on without any attention being paid to them. Sadly, divorce becomes the result. Now, not only are the kids still ignored, but they are split from one parent and often hear demeaning language when one talks of the other. The kids become resentful, act out, and make bad decisions searching for attention. They often lose their innocence too early.

An increase in deviant behavior

It is no surprise that children who grow up in single parent homes grow up to exhibit more deviant behavior. The chances of gang activity, sexual promiscuity, disrespect of or lack of trust for the opposite sex, homosexuality, etc. . .are all increased under these conditions. Moral depravity begins at home


My premise that feminism is at the root of many of America's social problems does not mean that I blame every instance of depravity solely on feminism. Obviously, each situation is different and many factors are involved. However, feminism is unique in that it contributes to each of these areas of life negatively. The feminists have lied to women, promising liberation but delivering a new form of emotional slavery, filled with social decay. Again, I will end by reitterating what I am not saying. I am not saying that women shouldn't work at all. My wife works, many single mothers have to work, single women without kids have to work. These are necessary. What I am saying is that when a woman works looking for worth or material gains and sacrifices her children or husband in the process, she has cut herself off at the knees, chasing what is less valuable at the expense greater thing.

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